2nd period bombed today

Today, my 2nd period class bombed today. Here is the break down of why.

  1. I didn’t keep the action moving. This made the interaction between the students and me stagnate. How did it get this way? I think that I asked too many review questions and did not keep the storyline moving. Eventually the students become tired of concentrating and you lose them.
  2. Poor casting. I really feel that this is the main reason why the story died so quickly. I had a kid who wanted to act, but didn’t want to be a ham in the hammy role and I had the kid who is really good at being a ham in a more passive role. If the story would have been casted better, it would have been way more successful. Live and learn I guess.

The nice thing is that I talked with a student from that class a few periods later and she said that it was fine. I feel the students are very forgiving and will come back tomorrow ready for class. Good thing!


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