thoughts on PQA

There is a sense of connection in PQA that is hard to achieve with other components of tprs. I have seen that PQA is a time when you get inside the hearts of the kids and talk about what they really like in the target language. PQA is not about us and what we like, it’s totally about them. We interact with them and ask them questions as well as look fascinated. I am still amazed that they let me in and allow me to learn so much about them. It’s a pretty cool thing.



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2 responses to “thoughts on PQA

  1. Thomas –

    I quite agree. Sometimes, though, at least for me, it is kind of scary to go past that teacher facade and really care about what they say. Really show that surprise, which we want to be genuine if the PQA is to be genuine.

    Writing books about it doesn’t necessarily make it happen in our classrooms – we actually have to open up our hearts as per Laurie Clarcq’s quintessential message. I’m still working on it and thanks for the reminder.


  2. thomasyoung

    Yes! The students know when we are being genuine and when we are not. That is a problem in school these days, the lack of a genuine presence. It is something that is so simple, yet as you say scary, and rare in public education. Thanks for the comment!


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