I’ve Moved!

Hello! I have decided to change the name of my blog. Don’t worry…I have moved all of the blogs from this site to my new blog. That way you can just use the new blog and not have to worry about coming back here. My new site will be languagethoughts.wordpress.com.

Why did I change the name?

Well, I am still just as much of TPRS® teacher as I was before and it continues to be the main method that I use to facilitate language acquisition. After thinking about the purpose of my blog, I realized that I talk about more topics than just TPRS® and I didn’t want to limit the purpose of the blog to just TPRS®.

I chose the name language thoughts because the focus of the blog is really about my reflections on language acquisition which includes: TPRS®, Reading, Assessments, Classroom Management, Encouragement for Hard Days, Good Books, Teaching Discoveries, and anything else that helps me to assist  others in picking up a new language.

I hope you enjoy the new website and stop by as often as you like!


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