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reverse charades

This last Friday I tried a new PAT game called Reverse Charades. Here’s how it works:

  1. Two large teams
  2. I have my list of words that I have been working on in front of me
  3. One member from each team comes to the front and covers their eyes
  4. I write a word on the board, the teams look at it, and then I quickly erase it
  5. I yell “Go!” and the the two teams act out the word for the members up front. Each member looks at their team in order to guess the word.
  6. The first member up front that guesses the word wins.

It is reverse charades because the team is acting instead of the person up front. Why does this work? Because teens are way more likely to act as a group rather than singled out in front of their peers. Give it a shot!



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A Surprising PAT

My two PAT choices for today were “mono loco” and “movie day.” It was a big step for me to do the “movie day” because last year I really minimized how often I played movies in my lower level classes. I never saw a huge benefit from movies because I teach lower level class and often the movie was like i + 50. I decided to throw it in as a choice today because I thought it would be good motivation for PAT, but the students really surprised me.

Of all my classes today only two of them chose “movie day.” The other 5 classes all chose “mono loco.” I was surprised by this because I thought that students would just want to relax, but they didn’t. They actually wanted the community time of interacting with others. This tell me a lot about my students. It lets me know that the power of community and mixed is what people desire and not always being entertained by pop culture. Perhaps it was just today, but my students really showed me a lot today.


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